Profil: LeonardoLeo

Take care yourself till we meet

Name: Leonardo

Ich bin: Mann

Alter: 45 Jahre alt

Land: Italien

Letzte aktive: Vor 8 Stunden

Suche nach: Frau 18-90 Jahre alt

für: Freundschaft, Heirat, Romanze, Ernsthafte Beziehung


173 cm

71 kg

I believe I have nice manners and I always try to treat ladies in a nice way. I love life and I have a serious intention to meet a nice lady (nice in her personality and her looks- as long as she takes good care of herself), I go to new places cuz I get to see new sites and even get the chance to experience different things..I think life is finding that no two people are alike and meeting someone half way and that takes courage, patience and many failures for some.

Suche nach: Frau 18 - 90 Jahre alt

für: Freundschaft, Heirat, Romanze, Ernsthafte Beziehung


Sally88 - 02-05-2020

thank you for sending big watermelon..

Wantana - 24-01-2020

Thank you for sending kiss

NovitaK - 07-12-2019

thank you very much...🙂

MyrnaL - 29-10-2019

thank you so much for giving me this chance...from accross the miles we cam meet the soulmate...

Sophee999 - 21-09-2019

Good speech

Bing123 - 12-09-2019

thank you for visiting my page


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