Profile: Rosette01

Behind a successful man is me.

Name: Rose

I am: Female

Age: 31 years old

Country: Philippines, Manila

Last active: 8 hours ago

Looking for: Male 18-90 years old

for: Friendship, Marriage, Romance, Relationship


167 cm

55 kg

Keep me in your heart every where you go?
I want to be with the person who will love me and have me everywhere he is. Even my body is not with him but he can see he can feeel. Do you think it is possible?
Yes. I am looking for love. Lover who will give me all his heart and we can have incredible lives together with full of happiness and success. Because I know we can. If you trust me and we will make everything possible.
There is a word say "Behind the successful man is the great woman ;)
I believe so.

Looking for: Male 18 - 90 years old

for: Friendship, Marriage, Romance, Relationship



Xgamer 2 months ago

f*ck you

jonrq45 10 months ago

Been living in the Phillipines for years...Heres the deal...If you get scammed...its usually your fault.. remember...Trust but verify!...Do video calls....ask for to friends...and never, never send money until you have actually met the person in person.... because desperate times will get desperate people doing desperate things.... TRUST BUT VERIFY....

Trebor478 13 months ago

The Fakes are from USA..!

matadortanggo 15 months ago

Just be careful with the woman from Philippines. Many scammer and fake

Benedict1306 16 months ago

Another cheap filipina

AlexanderMoldova 17 months ago

I'd like to meet you. You look hospitable

Joseph123 18 months ago

hello sweetheart
how is your day. what you doing today.Baby you are cute I would love to meet you. I'm in Maryland US.

Dribbler84 18 months ago

smart text

jsheng 19 months ago

gorgeous. look a little bit like a famous chinese actress. i would love to meet you too. i am in china.

Ronbellinger 20 months ago

looking very lovely. I would love to meet you. I live in Las Vegas.